Sandy and the Hitmen

Sandy and the Hitmen have played thousands of shows over three decades.
We are a dance band, a great summer park & festival band,
and we can play acoustic shows.
Our sound quality is "hi fi" and we will play at exactly the proper volume for your show.
The band features outstanding vocals. All members sing.
Our signature sound is four part harmonies over a british invasion or roots/country rock groove.

History - Sandy and the Hitmen MINIWIKIs Moonshine

Chris Hinding - band leader, bass player, vocals & sound tech
Sandy Hinding - lead vocalist, guitar & keys
Michael McKern - drums & vocals
Brian Hanson - lead guitar & vocals
Shel Kenyon - guitar & vocals (sometimes)

"Sandy has one of the best voices I've ever heard!" - Armin Prasch, Kahler Hotel
"We changed our wedding date to get this band" - Pat McGuiggan, St. Paul
"How is it after all these years, it is still a JOY to hear the band!" - Ronelle Anderson

Voice : 652.455.1123        Email :chris @ sandyandthehitmen .com (no spaces)